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“The Food Maker Hub has been an enormously helpful resource for my business, Beachy Cream. The advice I’ve received from speakers at the educational seminars, the contacts and the exchange of ideas between members is invaluable. Michel Algazi offers members a wealth of information, not available anywhere else, that is taking my business to another level. I wish I had known about this group earlier as I would likely have saved a lot of time — and money!”

— Ann Ryan, CEO - Beachy Cream



"The Food Maker Hub is a wonderful idea. It is a great resource of information and is nice to have the support of other entrepreneurs. Michel is very knowledgeable and willing to share his experience."

-- Gail Chester, Lively Up Your Breath, LLC 


“Thank you so much for creating The Food Maker Hub and taking the time and energy to organize all these awesome presentations that I have been able to attend. The amount I’ve learned so far is immeasurable and has really validated my dreams and passion as a food artisan. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at the next one!”

— Daisy Romero, CEO - Mascaro Family Foods


“As someone with no food & beverage background, The Food Maker Hub has been an amazing resource in launching my business! By networking within the group and attending some of the educational work shops I was able to connect with the Whole Foods buyer that I’d been trying to reach for over a year! For anyone starting a food or beverage business I would highly recommend joining!”

— Jayla Siciliano, Founder - Bon Affair



"As a small, start up business in the food industry, The Food Maker Hub has been very helpful in networking with other similar start up entrepreneurs.  With so much to learn in food business, the seminars offered through The Food Maker Hub have been informative and practical.  I would encourage other members to attend as many as their schedules allow."

-- Chris Chun Denton, CEO, Ricebliss



“The Food Maker Hub has be essential in advancing my business, Beach Bum Foods,LLC. Because of the Fine Foods Group, I was able to make critical connections with the Local Foragers at Whole Foods Market. Now my lentil avocado dips are selling at Whole Foods Markets in the LA area! I was also able to form relationships and friendships with other entrepreneurs going through the same challenges and hurdles of running a food business. Thank you Michel and The Food Maker Hub. ”

-- Elana Istrin Founder/CEO of Beach Bum Foods



The Food Maker Hub has been an invaluable resource for Fruigees throughout our entrepreneurial adventure. Having a responsive, accessible, and supportive network filled with seasoned vets and start-ups alike has been instrumental to Fruigees' success. 

-- Josh Kahn and David Czinn, co-founders, Fruigees, Inc.



"We love the events The Food Maker Hub organizes.  They are always a great opportunity to meet like minded food entrepreneurs, with the frequent possibility of partnerships that have helped grow our business."
-- Robert Kronfli, Kronfli Brothers, LLC



“About 3 years ago when I was just getting on gear to have my small business going, I was referred to The Food Maker Hub by a good friend. And that was a very good referral!

I did learn a lot about food manufacturing, and networking was also one of the benefits of being a member of this organization.

Michel was very helpful. The Food Maker Hub offers seminars that are also very informative to the industry.”

— Linda Estrella Ikeda, CEO Jumpstarter Body Fuel, Inc.




Tamper Proof Seal 6 Replies

Hello,I'm looking for a way to cover my deli cup with a plastic seal.Is there a way to do this manually, with heat gun or small machine, it would need to cover the whole top, not just seal around edges. ThanksTonyWolfpeach Salsa Co.Continue

Started by Tony Escalante in Manufacturing. Last reply by Tony Escalante 10 hours ago.

Looking for chefs to cook for food retail store in Pasadena

Hello chefs! We're looking for caterers or home chefs to cook specific category of foods to sell at our store in Pasadena, Los Angeles. We're looking for chefs who have a passion in cooking in these areas:Children's mealsGeneral comfort foodFitness (calorie-specific) Lean / Weight lossTrendy mason jar salad and mealsArtisan bento box meal sets like this photo below:…Continue

Started by Patricia Huang in Retail May 11.

Health Department Certifications 1 Reply

I have been trying to get in contact with the catering division at the health department for weeks now and I haven't gotten any luck. Does anyone know what certifications (and the like pricing) is needed for a catering business?Continue

Tags: department, law, health, certifications, safety

Started by Addis D in Business and Food Law. Last reply by Michel Algazi May 10.

Sharing A Percent of Product Sales 3 Replies

I have a friend, who lives out of the country, who wants to have me a produce a product here. Initially, they wanted to import the product, but I explained to them that it would be more efficient to simply produce it locally. Either way, they want to work together as a "team".Has anyone had a situation like this before? I will be paying for production and selling it under my company, so there will be no competition between us. And, I am trying to hammer out some details to ensure that what they…Continue

Started by JR in Business and Food Law. Last reply by Michel Algazi May 10.

Sales agent - Healthy food broker 2 Replies

By end of May, my energy bars will be ready to enter the market. I'm looking for a commission based sales agent or food broker.Continue

Started by Anahid S. in Brokerage & Sales. Last reply by Anahid S. May 5.

Kitchen or Bakery on West Side 4 Replies

Hi Everyone,We're a small nut and nut butter company looking for a new kitchen space on the west side, preferably near Culver City. We have limited hour needs right now, but we are starting to get into some retailers and have interested distributors, so we expect our needs to expand. We are extremely clean and respectful of the spaces we work in. Hoping to find a friendly owner who we can start a relationship with. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!Dave Wolfecrazygonutswalnuts.comContinue

Started by David Wolfe in Manufacturing. Last reply by Elvira Acosta Apr 27.

High Pressure Processing 2 Replies

Hello,Does anyone have experience with High Pressure Processing & Pasteurization.I'm looking to extend shelf-life on my salsa, any feedback would be appreciated.Looking for a company in San Diego that provides that service.ThanksTonyWolfpeach Salsa Co.www.wolfpeachsalsa.comContinue

Started by Tony Escalante in Manufacturing. Last reply by Tony Escalante Apr 25.

Fresh Cut Produce Fulfillment 4 Replies

Hi,Does anyone know of a fulfillment center that works with fresh cut produce in Southern California? I'm looking for some recommendations.Thanks!LAWRENCEContinue

Started by Lawrence Novitch in Manufacturing. Last reply by Michel Algazi Apr 24.

Los Angeles Shared Kitchen 1 Reply

Hi all! I'm looking for a shared kitchen in which to produce my organic and vegan ice pops. Ideally, I'm looking for a commercial kitchen space where I can rent or sub-lease part of someone's existing kitchen. I would love to work at a place like LA Prep but unfortunately that is currently out of my budget. My email address is Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can send my way! Continue

Started by Julia Taylor-Brown in Manufacturing. Last reply by Michel Algazi Apr 24.

Looking for a Food Packaging Scientist / Consultant 1 Reply

Hi Everyone,My company is looking for a consultant on food packaging – specifically the best practices on packaging food items for baking such as flour, sugar, vanilla extract, jam, and peanut butter to name a few. We are looking for someone who can recommend both the packaging type and processes. And preferably someone who works with startups. We're based in LA, but would really appreciate any U.S.-based referrals!Thanks,DonnaContinue

Started by Donna Doktorcik in Packaging & Labeling. Last reply by Michel Algazi Apr 24.



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