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“The Food Maker Hub has been an enormously helpful resource for my business, Beachy Cream. The advice I’ve received from speakers at the educational seminars, the contacts and the exchange of ideas between members is invaluable. Michel Algazi offers members a wealth of information, not available anywhere else, that is taking my business to another level. I wish I had known about this group earlier as I would likely have saved a lot of time — and money!”

— Ann Ryan, CEO - Beachy Cream



"The Food Maker Hub is a wonderful idea. It is a great resource of information and is nice to have the support of other entrepreneurs. Michel is very knowledgeable and willing to share his experience."

-- Gail Chester, Lively Up Your Breath, LLC 


“Thank you so much for creating The Food Maker Hub and taking the time and energy to organize all these awesome presentations that I have been able to attend. The amount I’ve learned so far is immeasurable and has really validated my dreams and passion as a food artisan. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at the next one!”

— Daisy Romero, CEO - Mascaro Family Foods


“As someone with no food & beverage background, The Food Maker Hub has been an amazing resource in launching my business! By networking within the group and attending some of the educational work shops I was able to connect with the Whole Foods buyer that I’d been trying to reach for over a year! For anyone starting a food or beverage business I would highly recommend joining!”

— Jayla Siciliano, Founder - Bon Affair



"As a small, start up business in the food industry, The Food Maker Hub has been very helpful in networking with other similar start up entrepreneurs.  With so much to learn in food business, the seminars offered through The Food Maker Hub have been informative and practical.  I would encourage other members to attend as many as their schedules allow."

-- Chris Chun Denton, CEO, Ricebliss



“The Food Maker Hub has be essential in advancing my business, Beach Bum Foods,LLC. Because of the Fine Foods Group, I was able to make critical connections with the Local Foragers at Whole Foods Market. Now my lentil avocado dips are selling at Whole Foods Markets in the LA area! I was also able to form relationships and friendships with other entrepreneurs going through the same challenges and hurdles of running a food business. Thank you Michel and The Food Maker Hub. ”

-- Elana Istrin Founder/CEO of Beach Bum Foods



The Food Maker Hub has been an invaluable resource for Fruigees throughout our entrepreneurial adventure. Having a responsive, accessible, and supportive network filled with seasoned vets and start-ups alike has been instrumental to Fruigees' success. 

-- Josh Kahn and David Czinn, co-founders, Fruigees, Inc.



"We love the events The Food Maker Hub organizes.  They are always a great opportunity to meet like minded food entrepreneurs, with the frequent possibility of partnerships that have helped grow our business."
-- Robert Kronfli, Kronfli Brothers, LLC



“About 3 years ago when I was just getting on gear to have my small business going, I was referred to The Food Maker Hub by a good friend. And that was a very good referral!

I did learn a lot about food manufacturing, and networking was also one of the benefits of being a member of this organization.

Michel was very helpful. The Food Maker Hub offers seminars that are also very informative to the industry.”

— Linda Estrella Ikeda, CEO Jumpstarter Body Fuel, Inc.



Looking for a Dry Goods Certified Gluten Free CoPacker (flour, cake mixes) 6 Replies

Hello I have a company that I am working with, but I would like to compare....Thanks!Continue

Tags: dry, blending, packer, co, gluten

Started by Rebecca Quesada in Manufacturing. Last reply by Rob Massopust yesterday.

Need Copacker that can fill wide mouth containers/bottles or spout pouches asap

Hi, We need a copacker asap that has the following main capabilities. If you know of anyone please let me know. Finding a copacker has been a big challenge for us. Thanks!* Can puree fresh and IQF fruits and vegetables* Can fill either wide mouth plastic containers or spout pouches* Has refrigeration available* Is preferably in Southern or Northern CaliforniaPlease let me know.Thanks!CassandraContinue

Tags: Copacker

Started by Cassandra Curtis in Manufacturing yesterday.

How to bottle cold press shrubs?

I am considering starting a new line of cold press shrubs (fruit juice mixed with sugar and vinegar), and need to find out how I can bottle so it's shelf stable.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Continue

Tags: bottling, press, cold, juice, shrubs

Started by Virginie Strub in Manufacturing on Friday.

Labels, FDA and Legal webinar? 1 Reply

Anyone want to get together to talk about this?  I've seen a bunch of questions about this, and I've learned a lot about this in my years in the industry.  I'm a lawyer, not practicing now - but note that this is GENERAL IN NATURE AND NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  Knowing where to find the resources, when you need them, and how to get info cheaply (or do it yourself) is what I'd like to help out with.Free of charge.  Just to help get people going.  Let me know if there's interest - we can do a webinar or…Continue

Tags: food, webinar, regulation, business, law

Started by Alexandra Damsker in Business and Food Law. Last reply by Michel Algazi Jan 16.

delivery from L.A. to Bay Area 3 Replies

Hi-I have a fulfillment center in L.A. (Santa Fe Springs, CA) and need product delivered (cheaply) from there to Bay Area (Peninsula) distributor. A specialty food store in N. CA has ordered product and need to get it up there fairly quickly. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks,Sydney, CEO, Love'illyContinue

Started by Sydney Burkhardt in Distribution & Logistics. Last reply by Michel Algazi Jan 16.

Wholesale Beans and Rice for sale 6 Replies

Hello,I currently sale a variety of grains at wholesale price, i.e rice, beans, dry nuts, almonds, etc. Can anyone please tell me what distributors or individuals might have interest purchasing our products. Responses are greatly appreciated.Best,ivgongreen teamwww.ivgongreen.comContinue

Started by Austin in Distribution & Logistics. Last reply by Austin Jan 13.

Nutritional Facts Labeling for small business 3 Replies

Hi everyoneI am a small business, producing Persian condiments and I am eager to get my products into wholesale to sell at markets.  I produce 8 varieties of condiments, but plan to put 2-3 of my products in the market to see how they do.I'm in the process of putting my nice logo and labels together but as I read the FDA manual on labeling, it is confusing, there is a reference to small business not having to put nutritional label on products.  Is this true...what is considered a small…Continue

Tags: small, business, nutrition, labels, labeling

Started by Gilda Riazi Moshir in Packaging & Labeling. Last reply by Lev Berlin Jan 10.

Can anyone recommend a lab? 4 Replies

Has anyone worked with a lab they'd recommend for nutrition analysis and labeling?  We haven't gone through the process yet with our products and need to get this done soon.  Also wondering what the cost was for those who've done it?Thanks!LaraContinue

Tags: label, nutrition

Started by Lara Fischman in Packaging & Labeling. Last reply by Lev Berlin Jan 10.


Hello,Does anyone know how to put together a nutrition facts for a product? Is there a company or a source that can be recommended with reasonable prices?Your help is much appreciated!Thank You!Continue

Tags: nutrition, ingredients, labeling

Started by Helen Mansuryan in Formulation & Ingredients. Last reply by Lev Berlin Jan 10.

Best way to determine Nutritional Facts? 6 Replies

I am working on determining the Nutritional Facts for my raw food bars and have a few questions: When determining the order of ingredients – the list goes from the ingredient with the most weight to least weight, correct?We dehydrate our raw food bars – how do I determine the weight change after dehydration?I was trying to get a rough estimate on the Nutritional Facts using some free sites online but have not found any that are very good (or allow for me to factor in weight change from…Continue

Tags: analysis, software, nutritional, Ingredients, Facts

Started by Nicholas Naczinski in Packaging & Labeling. Last reply by Lev Berlin Jan 10.



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